Kanji セシニ
Rōmaji Seshini
Hair Color Rose Pink
Eye Color Black
Affiliation Pair Friend
Partner Bell Renjōji
Image Brand Sexy
Anime Debut Episode 17
Japanese Nozomi Yamamoto
Image Gallery

Seshini (セシニ) is the Pair Friend of Bell Renjōji. It can transform into a violin and perform Prism Live with Bell. Seshini can only say it's name. Seshini was going to be introduced but due to Bell not showing her true feelings, she decided not to show herself until Bell is willing to show her true feelings. She hatched during a Prism Show in because Bell showed love and the feelings of "Thank You" to Otoha and Wakana. Seshini can turn into Sexy Charm Stone, which holds the Sexy Dress Set of the Seventh Coord. Seshini is the sexy part of Peacock. She can only talk in Episode 27 by ending her sentences with "~seshi".


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