Kanji ポップン
Rōmaji Poppun
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Black
Affiliation Pair Friend
Partner Ann Fukuhara
Image Brand Pop
Anime Debut Episode 02
Japanese Sayuri Hara
Image Gallery

Poppun (ポップン) is Ann Fukuhara's Pair Friend. It can transform into drumsticks which are used by Ann to perform Prism Live and Swinging Heart Rhythm. Like many Pair Friends, Poppun can only speak a few words which are Po (ポ), Popu (ポプ) and Poppun (ポップン). It loves to eat the sweets Ann makes. Poppun can turn into Pop Charm Stone, which holds the Pop Dress Set of the Seventh Chord. Poppun is the pop part of Peacock. In Episode 27, when she talks, she ends her sentences with "~popu".


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