Kanji ラブリン
Rōmaji Raburin
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Black
Affiliation Pair Friend
Partner Naru Ayase
Image Brand Lovely
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Enapou
Image Gallery

Lovelyn (ラブリン, Raburyn) is the Pair Friend of Naru Ayase. With Naru it can perform Prism Live by transforming into a guitar. Like most Pair Friends, Lovelin cannot speak (though it was able to in Episode 27) and can only say the words Love (ラブ, Rabu) and Lovelyn (ラブリン, Raburyn). It loves deco-ing as much as Naru does. Lovelyn can turn into Lovely Charm Stone, which holds the Lovely Dress Set of the Seventh Chord. Lovelyn is the lovely part of Peacock. In Episode 27, Lovelyn ends its sentences with "~love" when she talks.


Lovelyn takes on the appearance of a penguin like all the Pair Friends. Also like other Pair Friends, she has pink cheeks, a yellow beak, and a white belly with a heart on it. Her skin color is light pink and the heart on her belly is pink in a darker tone. The biggest feature of Lovelyn is her pink hat attached with a red bow.

When Lovelyn evolves before taking the form of a guitar, she grows deep pink, straight hair and a white ribbon is sewed on the rim of her hat.


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