Edel Rose
Edel Rose
Edel Rose Logo
Kanji エーデルローズ
Rōmaji Ēderu Rōzu
Location Statistics
Controlled By Kō Norizuki
Anime Debut Episode 03

Edel Rose (エーデルローズ, Ēderu Rōzu) is an elite school specializing in training Prism Stars. The best Prism Stars from around the country attend this school to hone their skills. It's branch schools are Kakyouin Academy and Lu Seriana Girls' School.


It was founded by Kō Norizuki and continued to be supervised by his son, Jin Norizuki. However, when Kō found out that Jin only cared about using Edel Rose to be a winner, Kō fired Jin from his job.


Former AffiliatesEdit

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