Awakening Flower Waltz
Mezame no Flower Waltz 07
Kanji 目覚めのフラワーワルツ
Rōmaji Mezame no Furawā Warutsu
Type Ethnic
Performer(s) Wakana Morizono

Awakening Flower Waltz (目覚めのフラワーワルツ, Mezame no Furawā Warutsu) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is the second Prism Jump performed by Wakana Morizono. In Episode 40, Wakana performs this jump with Ann during the Winter White Session.


Wakana jumps in the air and she is surrounded by wind with an ethnic green patterns. As she continues to spin around, she is lifted into the air. Once the whirlwind gets violent, Wakana lands and green vines start to grow as she rotates on the ice using her right leg. She finishes with a pose and colorful flowers surrounding her.


Duo ScreenshotsEdit

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